Trinity Enterprises is a global services, infrastructure and defence organisation headquartered in Paris, France. Its mission is to further the advancement of humanity, without compromising the ecological balance of the planet.

Founded in 1923 in London by Sir Gyles Wentworth, Trinity Enterprises is now one of the world’s largest and most well-known organisations.

Its services include:


Originally founded as a scientific organisation, Trinity Enterprises maintains its unparalleled prowess in medical and humanitarian research. Over the decades, its researchers have eradicated at least two dozen diseases and degenerative conditions, as well as establishing countless sustainable food, water and energy centres in underdeveloped countries worldwide.


Pioneers of innovative and ethical uses for new and emerging technology, Trinity Enterprises prides itself on the expertise of its engineering divisions, who have been responsible for such breakthrough developments as renewable lunar energy, personal mag-lev transportation and semi-sentient robotics.


Pioneers of ultra-fast cableless optic networks and autonomous satellite hub technology, Trinity Enterprises has never been closer to realising its goal of connecting every person on the planet to one another. Granting network coverage to more remote regions than any other provider, the organisation has allowed many millions of people previously-impossible access to a limitless amount of information and services.


In recognition of the fragile nature of world peace, Trinity Enterprises funds research and training into cutting-edge defensive technology, as well as making its esteemed Peacekeeping Force available to intergovernmental agencies and organisations who strive to keep our world a safe place to live.